EssenceOne is a Php Alphanumeric Framework designed to make the Developers job much easier and faster. It is more of a tool than a Framework in the sense that it organizes everything for you. At the same time allowing you to add Modules fluidly without thinking of where all the files need to go.
Class Routers
For each Module you wish to add you can easily assign all the Views, Models and Controllers in a list within the Named Class Routers on a per page basis. These Page-Parts are then stacked in the order in which the Controllers are staged above each View where they are needed. The Views are broken down into 6 to 10 page parts from the template.  And the example below shows one page stack within the Router Class.
  • header
  • horizontal menu
  • left menu
  • content(page name)
  • right menu
  • far right menu
  • footer
Next we stack the needed Controllers above the Views where they are called.
A Members Page:
  • c2/check_user.php                  class check user controller(placed above header for re-direct
  • v2/header.php                         header for members page view
  • v2/horizontal_menu.php           horizontal view
  • c2/members_profile.php           class controller for wall post
  • v2/profile.php content section  profile page view
  • c2/member_groups.php           class controller for groups list
  • v2/right_menu.php                   our right menu view for groups
  • v2/footer.php                           our footer view
Now for each page we add we simply stack the Controllers for them above the member Views(page sections). Now we have full control over our templates to allow dynamic Module separation between individual View sections.
Modules as we discussed on the Blog page of this site are the essential key to dynamically developing class separated programs with ease.